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BitWits LLC has been serving Arizona businesses since 1997.

We manage more than two hundred networks for small and medium-sized businesses with up to 400 users based in the Valley of the Sun.

We believe in the three S’s of networking: simplicity, standardization, and safety.

  • Simple networks are more reliable
  • Standardized networks are cheaper to operate.
  • Safe networks ensure your precious data is protected from flu, flood, fire, hardware failure and food spills.

Whether we design your network from the ground up or simply add a new workstation to an existing system, we always keep simplicity, standardization and safety our goal.

With that in mind, we don’t pledge to sell you the latest gizmo featured on today’s tech sites. We do pledge to provide prompt, honest, consistent and intelligent service, to protect your data, and to help you make wise technology decisions designed to improve your bottom line, not just ours.